The Whaley House – San Diego California

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The Whaley House – San Diego California 

The House Where Evil Is Alive 

There are certain places on this earth that are haunted by what some call “intelligent ghosts”. Most hauntings are said to be that of residual energy and nothing more. However this kind of haunting is said to be due to ghosts actually interacting with people.


The Whaley house is now a museum and they offer tours among other things. According to Travel Channels America’s Most Haunted, The Whaley House has been called THE MOST HAUNTED HOUSE IN THE UNITED STATES. That’s a huge feat to take since there are a TON of various places that are beyond haunted.

 There are numerous apparitions in the house, some say as many as 30 or more different ghosts have been seen on a regular basis walking around the halls.

The most famous ghost in the Whaley house is that of a guy they used to call “Yankee Jim” who was hung from the gallows in the mid 1800’s for being a thief. 

Check out this short video by MAGIKLANTERN of the cast and crew of the movie the Whaley house and their ghostly experiences at the house! 


In this video by So Cal Beaches Magazine you’ll see and hear about the history of this house! 


Video by   So Cal Beaches Magazine 

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