The Wicklow Gaol – The Most Terrifying Place On The Planet

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The Wicklow Gaol

The Most Haunted Prison On The Planet 

It’s no surprise that a prison would be called one of the most haunted places on the planet. Most of the people who die in prisons aren’t going to be happy souls especially if they were angry or violent people in life, there’s a good chance they didn’t move on to the next part of our existence. The Wicklow Gaol was anything but a picnic, it was built in the 1700’s and had a harsh reputation for being a vial and wicked place.

If you went to this place it’s likely that you weren’t going to come out alive. It’s said that at one point in time they had up to 700 prisoners in a cell because it was so overcrowded. Over the centuries numerous prisoners died there because of famine, disease, and mistreatment. The staff could do pretty much what they felt like doing and they did just that.

Check out this video behind this cruel place and you won’t believe what they’re doing with it now! 

Check out the video

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