The Witches Are On The Way in Amazon’s Adaptation of Agatha Christie’s “The Pale Horse”

The Witches Are Coming

2020’s “The Pale Horse” is the adaptation of Agatha Christies 1961 novel “ The Pale Horse” which follows the story of a woman who name appears on a list found inside the shoe of a dead woman.  The story goes into how exactly did the list get inside of the dead woman’s show, and why?

This leads to an intensive investigation that leads back to 3 women at the “Pale Horse” that are rumored to be witches.  The investigator hears stories about witches and spells and all kinds of odd things start to happen. However the investigator still tries to come up with a common rational explanation for the events that have and are unfolding.

The 2 episode limited series will be hitting Amazon Prime on March 13, 2020. Will you be looking out for it or passing on this one?

Check out the trailer for the series and let us know your thoughts

Video Source – Amazon Prime Video

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