A Creepy Inside Look At The Mysterious New Jersey Witches Well & Judgement Alter

The Witches Well and Holy, Holy, Holy – New Jersey 

There are certain locations that are mysterious and creepy all at the same time. Sometimes those places can be right in your back yard. Not a lot of people know about Mount Holly, New Jersey’s Witches Well and Holy Alter also known as the “Judgement Alter.”

What is know about the area is that it was known for witch trials. There were rumors of hangings, people burning at the stake, and other disturbing acts of so called judgement on those casted on by fear. The creepy part is the witches well is locked up and there’s no way to get in. There’s also a camera that points at the well. Could it be there because of the vandals, or is there something more sinister down in the hole someone doesn’t want to get out?


The Holy is a supposed altar that was used to sacrifice witches and dispel the evil within the area in around late 1700’s to early 1800’s. Imagine living in a time where everyone was so scared of things they couldn’t see, understand, nor comprehend. Everything was either good or evil, and if it wasn’t deemed as something good it had to be dark and evil.Check out this video by 

Check out this video of this guy walking around the area 

Video Source –TheUnknownCameraman 

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