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We’ve seen a lot of paranormal videos, probably more than the average fan. Most of them we either shrug and laugh a bit at because we know they’re fake. However there are those videos that leave us sitting there for a a moment.

Sitting in that silent confused pause……

The kind of moment where you’re torn. You see something that looks really legit, but something that still looks to good to be true. Then you start to look at other factors like the person reacting to the situation, and how they react. Most of the time you can tell when someone is acting, no matter how many times they rehearse something.

Then every now and then you run into one where you can tell they are afraid of something. It’s the kind of video that makes you question things and question if either whomever made the video is good at fakes, or the video is real. This is the case of the YouTuber who did a live video but recorded way more than he expected.

Tell us your thoughts on this video….

Video source – Mr.Paranormal

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