There’s A Harry Potter Wand Choreography Workshop This Halloween And You’re Invited

Warner Brothers Studios London Halloween Events

Warner Brothers Studios London is bringing the wonderful world of Harry Potter back for an event this Halloween. There are 2 experiences coming to Universal that no Harry Potter fan will want to miss. The Dark Arts feature will run from September 24th to November 7th. During that time you’ll be able to go on a journey and follow the Dark Mark and hunt down Death Eaters. There will also be a wand workshop with Paul Harris being held. Paul is the mastermind behind the wand choreography for the last 4 Harry Potter films. The cost for the dark arts feature is $65 per adult and $52 per child.

Check out the videos below we found.

Video Source – Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Video Source – TravelShorts

The second event “Hogwarts After Dark” will run from October 6th through October 8th. This event is a little more pricey and costs $356 per person. It comes with a 2-course dinner on set in the Forbidden Forest. It also comes with a custom wand, the wand choreography workshop, and after hours access to the Harry Potter studio. If that doesn’t sound like an awesome time, I don’t know what does. There will be more events being launched soon, so we will keep you posted on anything else that comes our way.

Need more information on the event? Check out their site here > Universal Studios London

What an experience it would be to be able to be part of the wand workshop. I know many of you are Harry Potter fans and at one point in time or another used something like a wand. The experience itself would be a good time, even cooler would be a virtual experience where you can go against someone else with a wand. Then again it probably exists, so if it does leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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