This Creepy Arkansas Haunted House Is In A Former Mortuary

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Gentry, Arkansas is a small town with a horrifying location a lot of people visit during Halloween. Carpenters Mortutuary haunted house is that place, and its history is just as creepy as the location itself. The initial building was built in the late 1920s and served as a mortuary and a grocery store. There are stories of ghosts and other creepy things, now it’s a haunted house.

Video Source – Northwest Arkansas Live

Want to know more about their location? Check out their site here > CARPENTERS MORTUARY HAUNTED HOUSE

The Perfect Location For A Haunted House

What better place other than an old hospital or mortuary would a haunted house? I don’t think there are too many places you can turn into something creepy with just the history alone. It gives it an even spookier vibe walking in.

What are your thoughts on this place?

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