This Colorado Eatery Was a Morgue For Over a 100 Years Before Opening

Food And Death

Denver Colorado’s Linger eatery is a place unlike any other you’ve probably been to.  What makes it so different is that it’s located in the old Olinger Mortuary, which was built around the start of the 20th Century. This place has so much history that in fact it was the place that held the remains of Buffalo Bill Cody. His remains were kept there for a little more than 6 months while the states of Colorado and Wyoming argued over his remains.


The historic mortuary was open until 2009, and then it was purchased and converted into a cool eatery. The old sign for the mortuary is still up and while inside, the water bottles are shaped like ones they would keep formaldehyde in.

Talk about crazy…..

The eatery boasts about their highly-acclaimed menu that everyone is dying for…. No pun intended. All jokes aside the food is supposed to be phenomenal, and the environment is great. If you’re looking to visit and think you have the stomach for it, check out their site here> LINGER EATERY

Check out this video we found by Heidi McGuire and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Heidi McGuire

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