This Florida Love Themed Haunted House Is Scarier Than Your Past Relationships

The Exclusive 2 Night Haunted Event

There are those of us who wish Halloween was all year long. Then there are those of us who would visit a haunted house every weekend if we had the chance. If you’re one of those people and located near the Plant City, Florida area you’re in luck.

Ominous Descent and Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail have teamed up to give you a creepy Valentine’s treat. Their collaboration named “Love’s Revenge” is one of the kind this Valentine’s. So if you’re in Florida and want something creepy to do, this is your chance.

This isn’t an indoor haunted house either; your adventure takes you on one of 3 different trails that have horrifying things waiting for you behind every corner.

They’re only open for 2 nights, which is on Valentine’s weekend. So if you’re interesting in going, check out their information here > Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail

Video Source – Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail

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Image Source** Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail

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