This Intense Halloween Ride Takes You Flying Like a Witch On A Broom

Flying Like A Witch On A Broom

If you’re lucky enough to be in Vancouver, Canada from now until November 1st, you’re in for a treat. For those of you who would love to experience flying on a broomstick like a witch, now is your chance. Vancouver’s, FlyOver Canada is a ride that fully immerses you in a flying experience. It’s almost like you’re actually flying when you’re on this ride. This year they are going to tackle the Halloween season with a witchy type of ride.

The 8-minute experience will have you soaring through the sky like you’re a witch on a broom. For those of you who always wanted to be witches and wondered what it would be like to fly on a broom, now is your chance to experience it. The event organizers are encouraging everyone that comes to wear costumes and join in on the Halloween festivities. Check out this video we found of the location and what it’s all about.

Interested in learning more about tickets, prices, and so on? Check out their site down below

CLICK HERE > FlyOver Canada

Check out a few videos we found of the experience, and what you can expect.

video Source – Pursuit Collections

Video Source – Suk

Video Source – Pursuit Collection

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