This Is What Happens When You Leave A Cursed Dybbuk Box Open In Your Home

Inside The Dybbuk Box

A Dybbuk Box is a wine box that is said to be haunted by a demonic entity. A Dybbuk is a malicious and violent entity that is said to possess and haunt the living. So the question is this, would YOU purchase something that had this kind of power or history behind it?

Probably not…

The first Dyybuk Box was purchased back in 2001 on eBay in a regular listing. The person who bought the demon box ended up having a hell of a time while in possession of the box. The box contained a couple of pennies, lox of hair, and a few other items. Upon opening the box a lot of creepy things started to happen.

There have been numerous people who have purchased the box only to have similar and sometimes even scarier experiences. So knowing this would YOU buy one of these boxes to see if the stories are true or not?

Check out the video we found by MindSeedTV and let us know your thoughts on it.

Video Source – MindSeedTv

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