This Oregon Clown Bar Is So Creepy It’s Actually Named Creepy’s!

The Creepy Clown Bar

Now some will say the bar itself isn’t that creepy. There’s a ton of old clown memorabilia and paintings on the wall. Lots of different pieces that you can tell are old, some large and some small…But those of us who don’t like clowns or old clown dolls that might be possessed. Creepy pictures that give you odd vibes, and so forth…

But on the flip side, some people don’t get creeped out by all of that. They might just find the decor really cool and interesting. However, if you’re afraid of Annabelle or Robert The Doll, then you might have a different view lol.

If you can get past the constant feeling of being watched by one of those things. Maybe it’s the big eyes on the painting above the bar that moves around. You know those are fake, however, the feeling coming from one of the dolls… That makes for a different story.

Mix that with some really amazing food and good vibes, and you have Creepys in Portland, Oregon. It’s known for its food and its cool atmosphere.

Check out their Facebook page here > Creepy’s

Check out the video below we found by Willmatte Week

Video source – Willmatte Week

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