This Walkthrough Takes You Inside One Of The Most Horrifying Asylums On The Planet

The Horror and Shame of Pennsylvania

During it’s time in operation, Pennsylvania’s state funded school and hospital, Pennhurst Asylum was anything but a nice place. The asylum initially opened up in 1908 and it took almost 60 years for someone to bring to light what was really going on behind closed doors.

In the mid 1960’s a TV reporter by the name of Bill Baldini ran a series of episodes exposing what was really going on at Pennhurst. He showcased the huge amount of neglect and torture that most of the people faced while inside the complex.

Pictures and footage showed people strapped by their hands and feet to beds. Others where strapped to chairs while moving back in forth in pain and agony. The overcrowding was insane and there wasn’t anyone cleaning at all. Rooms were filled with human fecal matter and all sorts of horrible things.

Eventually the complex was closed and the horror stopped, well at least we thought it did. A couple decades later the complex was opened again to ghost hunters and a haunted house.  There have been numerous stories of some really insane paranormal activity going on within the fortress.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip there but feel like you’re too scared, now is you can from the comfort of your own home. Check out these videos we found and let us know your thoughts, would you go in person?

In this first video we found, you’ll see a Abandoned Steve walking around Pennhurst when it was still abandoned.

Video Source – Abandoned Steve

Even though the place is abandoned, you can still feel that creepy vibe people probably felt when it was open. There are a ton of scary stories that stem out of this place. Check out this other video we found by fcprovc of a drone flight over the location.

Video Source- fcprovc

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