‘TreeZilla’ The Godzilla Shaped Christmas Tree Is Up For Sale!


In 2018 a man by the name of Steve Newland created a tree he dubbed the name “Treezilla” after the iconic monster Godzilla. He used 4 fake trees, some red lights, a fog machine, and the usual Christmas tree decor to create the probably one of the most epic Christmas trees ever.

The tree even spits out smoke and is equipped with plastic teeth and fork claws. This isn’t your normal Christmas tree by any means. Anyone who picks up this tree is going to have a one of kind tree in their living room. If you ever wanted something like this, now your chance to get in on the bid.

The tree is currently up for sale on the New Zealandbased selling site Trademe. The tree has a hand full of days left in the sale, but if you’re itching to see how much it’s at and if you still would drop some cash on it, check out the listing here > TREEZILLA

How cool would it be to come home with this tree. Do you think your family would be happy to have this tree, or would they look at you crazy for buying it?

Check out the video the creator and current owner Steve Newland launched last year of the tree

DIY Wooden Corner Christmas Tree

Video Source – Steve Newland

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