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TRUE Horror Camping Trip Stories 


Most of us love being outdoors, we enjoy going with our families and friends on camping and hiking trips. Every time we go camping we sit around and tell stories by the campfire, well at least most of us do. Usually we like to tell spooky stories to get everyone around the camp fire looking behind their shoulders. The stories usually are make believe and designed to make everyone jump at the end.


But what if the REAL STORY is the one that happens WHILE YOU’RE CAMPING?

What if something scary or something horrible happens during the night hours?

Although cases like this don't usually happen, it's still rather scary to think about, what if something like this happened to you? I don't know what I would do in a situation like these,I guess we always have to be ready for anything and anyone that would want to come our way and cause us or our families harm. 

Or better yet just sleep with one eye open! 

Do you have any campfire ghost stories that are a bit crazy that you would like to be showcased? 

Let us know and we will create a post with your story! 



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