Will Ugly Halloween Sweaters Make A Comeback This year?

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Ugly Halloween Sweaters

You’ve heard of ugly Christmas sweaters, but have you heard of Ugly Halloween sweaters? Yup, it’s now a new thing, well since a few years ago. Some say they’ve been doing a bit longer, but others say the trend really took off last year.

If you’re not familiar with what an ugly Halloween or Christmas sweater actually is. Take a trip down memory lane and think about some of the presents you use to get as a kid. Sometimes family members would make you a sweater….you’re probably thinking… “oh no how could I forget”, yup that’s it!

People are going to their jobs and parties in ugly Halloween sweaters. The trend is now picking up and I’m pretty sure and correct me if I’m wrong, but large stores should start buying into this as they did with the Christmas ones.

If you’re interested and can’t find one, check out the videos below and they might give you an idea for one.

Video source- WTAJ-TV

Video Source – King 5 TV

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