Vanilla Ice Freaks Out At Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

So Zak Bagans haunted museum has been in the news a lot lately. First they shut down the exhibit to a haunted cursed chair. Then someone else fainted on camera and it caught national attention.

Now Vanilla Ice the former rapper and home flipping star decided to take a trip to the haunted museum. He ended up getting way more than he bargained for on his trip.

A lot of people say that the place is nothing but a bunch of nonsense, and that it’s just all set up by Zak and the staff. However everything within the museum has a very creepy and odd history behind it.

Many of the things had some odd things happen around then way before it got to the museum. So for them to purposely set up things is a bit of a stretch, especially since it’s just a museum.

There are a couple of other museums like the recently departed Lorraine and Ed Warren haunted museum. But there aren’t many places that hold items of this nature.

Check out the video we found by PSPR PARANORMAL PURSUIT and let us know your thoughts!


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