Does This Video Game Cause Insanity?

Does This Video Game Cause Insanity, or is it just an urban legend?

All of us have played a video game at one point in time or another, some of us way more than others. But have you ever played a game where it started to make you feel like you’re about to go nuts?

Me either….

But there’s one game that some say does cause insanity, but how could this be? Could it be the set up or could it be the colors or scheme of the game that triggers something inside of the mind that makes you go crazy?


Could it be that the game was so addicting that you had to beat it but you couldn’t? There are numerous ideas or thoughts behind why this could be, but no one really knows for sure. 

I remember growing up playing games like Tetris and other strategy games. I would play for hours on end but they didn’t make me go crazy, they would make me mad but not crazy. The worst part was getting a headache after hours and hours of endless playing but that was it.

But honestly I don’t ever remember playing this game or ever even hearing about it. Could people have gone crazy during a test phase or something? Who know but check out the video below and let us know your thoughts! 

Check out this video by Alltime Conspiraices and let us know what YOU think!

SOURCE – Alltime Conspiracies


  • Sabina

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