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 Villisca axe murder house

Villisica, Iowa is the kind of town where little news becomes big news. But when something like a murder happens, it tends to live on forever. On a cold night in the year of 1911, a family went to church. When the came home that’s when everything went south.

Someone had gotten in the house and hid until they had their chance to exact their evil plan on the poor family. The family never saw it coming and even if they did could they have done something about the intruder?

The following day a neighbor came to the house and found that there wasn’t any movement going on in the house. This wasn’t a normal thing for the family. So when they went in to see if the family was ok, they were horrified at what they found.

The entire family was slaughtered without any type of remorse. There was no rhyme or reason at all for the murders. And until this very day no one really knows who the murder was. Why would someone kill an entire family for no reason?

Check out the video on the history for this dark house 

In this next video you’ll hear multiple EVP that were recorded. 


For more information on the house check out their site here>>>

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