Do Werewolves Actually Exist In The Midwest?

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Do Werewolves Exist In The Midwest?

Those of us who actually live in the Midwest have been hearing for as long as we can remember various stories about werewolves in the Midwest. Some say that they’re located near the Minnesota area, and even some of the Pottawatomie Indians in the area say that these stories are far older than the fair tales that we’ve grown up with. Could there actually be werewolves in the Midwest, or even just werewolves somewhere in the world?

The legends stem back centuries, various cultures and people have talked about them for the longest time. They’ve become the creatures that are the opposite of vampires and have become nothing more than a story or a fictional creature in a movie. Were not talking pretty boy werewolves like in the movie Twilight, we’re talking about half men half wolves that roam around the country side during the full moon. 

If there were werewolves, would they even make their appearance known to us? Probably not…. So in our opinion it could very well be possible that they’re out there, and if they are they’ve been around far longer than we think,  so wouldn’t that make them far smarter than your average person?

Who knows…

What is know that various people have claimed to have seen these creatures, whether or not it’s real werewolf or some mutated creature that hides within the woods and only comes out at night is anyone’s guess. Could there be a shapeshifter somewhere out there that none of us know about?

Once again it’s a possibility…. 

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