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The Immersive Seance Experience

If you haven’t heard or been to WHISPERS IN THE DARK, you’re missing out on an experience like none other. It’s an immersive murder mystery séance that will leave you thinking “Was that real or was that fake?”

The immersive experience takes you on a journey back to the early 1920s. A fire was set by an arsonists takes out the wife of a wealthy tobacco tycoon. The odd part is their baby somehow survives the fire completely unhurt.  How was this possible? Who would want the wife dead? What secrets were lost when the wife was murdered? How did the baby live without being harmed?

This is where the séance comes to play and all of the creepy stuff that follows it. The experience only allows a group of there people around a séance table. A medium then guides you on a journey to the other side to find out what happened and why it happened.

During the séance guests may be lightly touched, feel unexplained forces, and see ghosts and spirits. The event is an 18 and up one and everyone must sign a waiver before going in.

Looking to see when their next show is? Check out their site here > WHISPERS IN THE DARK

Video Source- Alex Thirteenth

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