The History Of The Witch

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The History Of The Witch


Throughout the centuries religion has ALWAYS been a very touchy subject, it’s and throughout the ages and even today in some places even simply talking about it could mean life or death.

So to be called a “witch” in certain parts of history was anything but a good thing. There weren’t any REAL trials, you were just judged and executed. But were witches as bad as many seem to think, or simply just misunderstood people?

Check out this video by Occult Mystery

The History Of The Witch

Source – Occult Mystery

So what are your thoughts on the History Of The Witch and everything behind it? Do you think people were wrongfully accused because they were feared and people feared what wasn’t known as the norm?

Do you think things have changed a lot since those times or are they the same, just not brought up or shown in the light?

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