You Can Explore This Harry Potter Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Hogwarts Escape Room

For those of you who love Harry Potter and the entire magical series, you’re in for a treat today. A librarian by the name of Sydney Krawiec from McMurray, PA created this digital escape room. It only takes about 10 minutes to go through the entire experience. This is perfect for all wizards, witches, and even muggles who dare to take on the adventure.

The online experience uses clips from the movies, photos, and texts to help guide participants through the maze. The game starts off with a challenge in your first year of Hogwarts. Players need to use their knowledge and memory in order to get out of the virtual puzzle.

The game then takes you on your second mission where the challenge then gets a little bit harder. The experience is free to play, you can play solo or with a friend or in a group. According to their website, the experience will be taken down once the quarantine is finally over. So you still have time to get on their and have some fun.

You can check out the experience here > HOGWARTS EXPERIENCE

If you’re still bored and love Harry Potter, check out some of the best moments of the series down below

Video Source- The Potter Collector

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