You Can Join In Live Virtually This Halloween From The American Horror Story Murder House

American Horror Story Murder House Live Event

Fans of the popular show American Horror Story are in for a treat this Halloween. The Murder House in Los Angeles is opening to the public for the first time ever. The event is also going to be shown virtually on a live stream. The event is going to start in the basement, one of the areas noted to be most haunted in the house.

If you’ve watched the season of American Horror Story: Murder House, you already know how messed up the history behind the house actually is. The real history of the house goes back to the early 1900s, and it’s beyond scary and gruesome. There were murders and numerous deaths that happened during its long history

The Creepiest House In The USA

In American Horror story, Moira O’Hara gives a description of the house. “I’ve never said this to any of my employers for fear of losing their trust or my job, but this house is possessed. Things break, disappear. Doors open for no reason. There are spirits here. Malevolent spirits.” The real history behind the house is just as terrifying as the shows.

Tickets are $25 dollars for the pay-per-view event and you’ll be able to participate via zoom during the paranormal investigation. The cost will allow 3 days of virtual access inside of the house. The event will start on Oct 29th and run until Sunday, November 1st.

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Video Source – The Film Archives

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