Freak Your Friends Out By Sending Them a Pkg Through The “Mysterious Pkg Company”

It seems like the latest trends is picking up “mystery boxes” on Ebay and other areas of the internet. Most of the time you end up paying for something you really don’t want to get. The whole excitement is in the mystery of what you’re getting. The problem is there are times where you end up getting ripped off.

But if you’re looking for a good company that will actually give you something cool, the Mysterious Package Company is the way to go. They initially ask you some crazy questions that will leave you thinking….. what in the world? However we won’t give you any spoilers so you’ll have to find out for yourself what were talking about.

But what we CAN tell you is that you’re not going to expect what you get and how you get it. The box we got was an old looking wooden crate. The kind of crate you think twice about opening. Every experience is different and you can choose from 1 of 4 delivery packages. 

The premise behind it all is to send to a friend or someone as a keepsake gag type gift along with a crazy experience. The person you send it to gets a letter revealing it’s all fake and hopefully they get a laugh out of the whole journey. There are different price options and levels you can choose from.

If you’re interested In learning more and want to see their site, you can check them out here > Mysterious Package Company

Check out this video we found that they made with Neil Patrick Harris in it.

Video Source Mysterious Package Company

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