You’re Invited Into The World Of Ghosts And Demons – Enter With Caution

Stories Of The Supernatural And The Paranormal

Stories of ghosts and demons have been around since people have been able to communicate. Some say it’s just the mind playing tricks on us during heightened states of fear. The mind is a powerful thing we simply don’t fully understand, therefore could it be the mind taking our fear to another level?

We honstly don’t think so…

There have been too many cases and too many stories of things that sound like something out of a movie. But then if so why doesn’t it happen to everyone and why can’t we pierce the veil between our world and theirs on a regular basis? If we could should we do so, or would peaking into dark places be something we shouldn’t play with?


There are those that have suggested that we can and are opening up these voids. Some say you can open up these realms to other dimensions with mirrors, witch boards, and other devices. But how real is that world and how does it effect our own?

Today we will take you on a journey alongside Buzzfeed Multiplayer as go on a quest through 3 different creepy haunted places. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts on ghost and demons. Do you think ghosts and demons are real or are they all in the mind?

Video Source – Buzzfeed MultiPlayer

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