Missouri’s Most Haunted Road Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

Missouri’s Most Haunted Road

Located somewhere near Saint Louis Missouri, is the infamous “Zombie Road.” It’s the kind of road where legends, tales, mysteries are born at. There are a lot of origin stories of how Missouri’s Most Haunted road came to be. Out of all of the stories the one of the escaped mental patient by the name of “Zombie” is the creepiest. Zombie and another patient escaped the mental facility into the nearby woods. The only thing ever found was the blood-soaked clothes of the other escaped patient.

Of course, a creepy place like this is going to gain a bad reputation. The area isn’t known for being a good place. Locals say the area is cursed and has been a bad area since long before anyone was in the area. Could there be an energy center or something of that sort in that area? Or could most of the stories just be tall tales to scare people away from the area?

Video source – Ghost Hunter

Check out this next video that we found of a guy who does an investigation at zombie road.

Video Source – Jacolantern movies

If you’re the type of person that likes to go to places like this I caution you on this one, not because of the haunted factor, but because of the police presence that patrols this area. So be cautious if you do! Find someone that can give you the proper permission and clearance to do an investigation the right way! 


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