Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained A Look At The Readers Choice 1# Location For Best Halloween Event – LumiNights

A Look At The Readers Choice 1# Location For Best Halloween Event – LumiNights

A Look At The Readers Choice 1# Location For Best Halloween Event – LumiNights post thumbnail image

For those of you who are probably surprised that Dollywood’s Halloween event was rated  #1 in the Reader’s Choice award for the best theme park, you haven’t seen what this place has to offer. The Great Pumpkin event beat out the likes of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights among many other places.

Video Source – YankeeInTheSouth

The Luminights event is the largest fall event in Dollywood. The 2019 Great Pumpkin Luminights event was the biggest one yet, they doubled the size of it and used twice as much glow. In 2019 the event grew much larger than in previous years.

If you could imagine it or it had something to do with Fall it was there. They had face painting, pumpkin carving demonstrations, and stations for carving and creating your own fall decor.

More than Just Scares

They had artists, designers, performers, illusionists, magicians, and so on. It’s not easy to take the top spot over events like Halloween Horror Nights, so you know this place has something for everyone.

And let’s not forget about food,  if you have a sweet tooth you’re in luck. They have Carmel corn, popcorn in various flavors, cotton candy, and just about every other good sweet treat we have all come to love.

Not only do they have the Luminights event, but they also have World-class artisans that bring in some of the best handmade crafts in the world. The event will also have performers like the Southern Gospel Jubilee among many other talented groups and solo acts. So if you didn’t know about Dollywood before, now you know a little bit more.

Want to know about hours, prices, and more? Check out their site here > DOLLYWOOD LUMINIGHTS

Check out these videos we found of last year’s Luminights by  TheCarpetBagger let us know your thoughts!

Video Source- TheCarpetBagger

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