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A&E’s Ghost Hunters “Debunks” Famous Image Of Face In Window

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If you like A&E’s hit show “Ghost Hunters”, you already know the kinds of places they go and investigate. Usually they’re the kind places people tend to stay away from. The kind where you go with the intention of having a paranormal experience.

They don’t go to your local Holiday Inn or County Suites. So to hear that someone faked a picture a creepy location is kind of a bummer. The picture is super creepy for those of you who haven’t seen it. You’ll see it in the video below. But after you do you’ll notice you’ve probably seen the creepy face in the window somewhere else. Especially those of you who like to share memes a lot.

With so many good video, audio, and photo editing programs. It’s hard to decipher the real pictures from the made up ones. There are still those pictures that can’t be debunked like ghost girl at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Or the picture of the pink lady of Greencastle, Indiana.

But every now and then we get a bit too excited when we see certain pictures. Sometimes we have to look at something from various angles and view points before coming to a conclusion, and this time……. Check out the video our friends at PSPR Paranormal Pursuit sent us and be sure to subscribe to them!

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts on it!

Video Source – PSPR Paranormal Pursuit

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