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American Horror Story Actors Who Were Never The Same After Their Role

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American Horror Story

If you’ve ever watched an episode of American Horror Story, you already know how scary and sometimes messed it can actually be. You have to think that playing roles like these has some kind of effect on the mind. It appears that being on AHS seems to make a permanent impact on its actors/actresses.

There are some scenes on the show that really makes you stop and think. You know they are all acting, but how much does it really affect them? Today we found a video that answers that question, and you’ll be surprised how much the show really does affect the cast.

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Evan Peters who starred in 8 seasons of the show is one of those who have been affected by his roles. He ended up not partaking in season 9 because the show was taking a toll on his mental health. There are other actors in the video below you’ll see who were also affected by their roles on the show.

Check out the video below we found by Looper and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Looper

American Horror Story Roles

When it comes to Hollywood roles, it’s hard to comprehend what the actors go through mentally and physically. Besides the fact that they are getting paid tons of money, you still have to think of the mental aspect. Some roles play a very huge toll on the mind, especially those who practice “method” acting. It’s where the actor fully immerses themselves within a role on and off set. They become the character they are playing and sometimes this can go bad.


Now imagine yourself playing the role of some crazed killer each week. You’re immersed beyond comprehension inside of this fake character. But how long does it take for it to become real? This is where some of these roles start to play on peoples minds. What do you think about it?

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