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The True Story Behind Annabelle

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The True Story Behind Annabelle – Fighting Off Demons 

If you’ve seen the movie the Conjuring you noticed the creepy doll that kept popping up. Then the movie Annabelle came out, and everyone finally knew that this doll was at the center of the Conjuring universe or otherwise known as the horror universe.

It’s kind of like the Marvel universe where you have multiple characters tied to a big story. They get intertwined into one major story and you eventually see how each part interacts within the main movie. However, these characters and figures aren’t superheroes here to save you, they’re malevolent entities.

in a web of different movies and different angles. But in this one there aren’t really any heroes but ordinary people, and well A LOT of terrifying entities.

The real Annabelle doll was a Raggedy Ann Doll and it was purchased at a used hobby store as a present. Now this is one present I probably wouldn’t want to have at all.

However the real doll doesn’t look menacing at all, it looks a doll an every day little kid would have in her room. No one would probably even think twice about picking up a doll like this for their children. 

There are other haunted dolls like ROBERT THE DOLL, THE DOLL THAT GREW OLD, PEGGY THE DOLL, among other scary haunted dolls. Those dolls you probably wouldn’t pick up and think twice about taking it home. Unlike Annabelle they have a strange and menacing look to them, the Annabelle doll is different, it’s not scary at all, well at least until you take it home that is! 

Why are these dolls so haunted? Why is it that spirits take to dolls so well other then other objects?

Of all the haunted dolls the Annabelle doll is the most scary and probably the most known of all the dolls, the creepy stuff that happened with the doll in their possession has gone down in history.

Throughout history dolls have been a sort of vessel for spirits and demons alike, something that they can hide in and do things. Sometimes the things they do are just your average ordinary things, well not average nor ordinary, but nothing bad at all. Now if it’s an evil spirit or demon within the doll, that’s a totally different story…

What would YOU do if you had a doll like this? Who would you really turn to that would honestly believe you?

Good question.

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