Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained,The Paranormal Chillingham Castle – The Most Haunted Castle On The Planet!

Chillingham Castle – The Most Haunted Castle On The Planet!

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The Most Haunted Castle In The World

There are those places you think may be haunted, and then others that are. This is one of those kinds of places where you know without a doubt it’s haunted. Chillingham is close to the border of England and Scotland and has a very brutal and bloody history. 

Chillingham is said to be stained with blood not only from battles but from TORTURE! The amount of stories of horrendous treatment of the prisoners that were in the castle is unfathomable. 

Some stories tell that the people were burned alive, and then children were hacked to death in a room. So what kind of energy do YOU think is going to be left behind after some terrifying and gruesome events?

Probably not the good kind! 

The inside of the castle is still decorated the same way it was and all of the torture devices are still on display. Think of the kind of energy those devices still have surrounding them. 

The number of creepy things going on here seems to be endless. A lot of paranormal groups have caught a lot of evidence in and around the castle. This is probably one place that I would NOT want to be left alone at night. 

One of the scariest stories told of paranormal activity is in the torture room. There’s a device that pulls your joints out of place and basically breaks everything in your body causing horrific pain before you eventually died. Well, some have said they have heard the pops and cracks and even screaming coming from this area. 

Talk about creepy! 

Check out this video that we found by AMYS CRYPT on some of the history behind Chillingham! 

In this second video we found by AMYS CRYPT in which she goes around the castle explaining some very creepy stuff!

If you’ve EVER wanted to check out Chillingham, check out their site here >>> CHILLINGHAM CASTLE!

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