Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained “Christmas Tree” A Holiday Horror Short Film

“Christmas Tree” A Holiday Horror Short Film

“Christmas Tree” A Holiday Horror Short Film post thumbnail image

So recently some of you have been asking that we bring back some of the horror shorts we were finding and showcasing around this time last year. We didn’t get much reception at first, but now many of you have been messaging us asking for us to find some new ones. Well we found some pretty creepy ones that we missed last year.

Christmas is the time of year you least likely expect something “horror related” to happen. I mean it’s the time of year where you sing songs, eat good treats, get presents, and spend time with the family.

What could possibly go wrong?

For some of you, that description alone is the start of a horror movie. The shopping, the weather, the headaches and so on. But what about something even creepier?

Like what?

Check out the video post we found by Stillshorts and let us know our thoughts! Did you enjoy this horror short?

Video Source – Stillshorts

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