Could Mass UFO Sightings Prove That They’re Real?


Could Mass UFO Sightings Prove That They're Real?

There have been various mass sightings of UFO'S that are making people really rethink the possibility of us being alone in the universe. I mean it's kind of crazy to think that we're alone in the universe given the vast size and amount of earth like planets throughout the solar system. The possibility for life elsewhere is a certainty when you really look into it. I don't mean looking at videos of supposed creatures running around from some YouTube sight, I mean the  real evidence that has been left behind by various ancient cultures. 

We at Strange and Creepy do believe that aliens do exist, and we honestly think that we don't have to look up but rather look around in order to find the evidence that we need to support this claim.

Now is it going to be easy to find this evidence? NOPE! 


If  they wanted us to know that they're here they would have revealed themselves to us a very long time ago. Now some argue the fact that we were created by beings from another place, and others simply don't buy into it. But when you think of history as a whole, there are some many unanswered questions that when you try and answer them create even more unanswered questions. Here's a very interesting video that we found of various mass sightings, if this video doesn't make you question things, than we don't know what will! 

Do you believe in life elsewhere?


Check out the video! 

SOURCE – The Extraterrestrial Mind –

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