THe Most Sadistic Woman In History 

When you adopt a name like “The Blood Countess” you probably won’t have the best reputation. Since her time, Elizabeth Bathory aka The blood Queen was said to be a sadistic maniac who loved to bathe in the blood of her servants.

Yeah I think I would have passed up on that job….

Some speculate that she was a vampire and that she needed the blood to stay alive. Others have said that she was so obsessed with keeping her youth that she insisted the blood of her young servants would keep her young for all times.

Karma eventually found her and stopped her sadistic ways. This woman’s treachery will forever live in infamy in history books, but are the stories CORRECT?

Some say the story was twisted and that she wasn’t as bad as people made her out to be, so what REALLY happened? Honestly none of us will never really know unless we have a time machine.

Check out this video post we found by Biographics and let us know YOUR thoughts!

SOURCE – Biographics

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