Highgate Cemetery – England’s Most Haunted Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery 

England’s Most Haunted Cemetery

England’s Highgate cemetery is one of those places that’s extremely old, beautiful, and full of stories and legends. One of those legends is that of Highgate cemeteries legendary night walker, the vampire that lurks the cemetery grounds at night looking for his next meal.

Now while there isn’t any documented proof of an actual vampire existing in or near the cemetery grounds, there are those who swear he’s real. There have been numerous reports of this nightmarish ghoul lurking the grounds of the cemetery. 

Highgate cemetery is said to be the most haunted places on the planet, but the cemetery also boasts about having the best funerary architectural designed  in England and quite possibly the entire world.

Those who have been here will tell you it’s like no other cemetery that they’ve ever been to, there’s all kinds of crazy master crafted architecturally designed tombs and mausoleums. Highgate cemetery is also know for other creepy legends and tales, there’s monsters lurking around every corner. 

Could the stories be true? 

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