Strange And Creepy D.I.Y. Halloween Do It Yourself Decorations That Won’t Cost A Ton Of Money

Halloween Do It Yourself Decorations That Won’t Cost A Ton Of Money

Halloween Do It Yourself Decorations That Won’t Cost A Ton Of Money post thumbnail image

Halloween Do It Yourself Decorations On A Budget

One thing we ALL have in common is the fact that we enjoy Halloween decorations, the cooler they are the better they are. We look at different decorations and think “wow, wouldn’t that be awesome to have that in my yard or home”, that is until you look at the price. That’s when your eyes get big and you look somewhere else for something cheaper.

The problem is that the decorations we CAN afford or are willing to spend some money on look rather cheap. The other problem is that even the cheap-looking ones can end up costing you an arm and a leg. No one really wants to decorate their house with Dollar store stuff, or do they?

Wait what?

Now some of you are probably thinking that I’m joking right now but honestly I’m not. I’ve seen some really cool do it yourself Halloween props that are based around Dollar store items. All you need to do is have some creativity, the right tools, and the time to create it and BAM! Now I know it’s not that easy, sometimes we have some good ideas, but there’s those of us who have no idea what to do.

This is where we come in, we’ve actually found some really cool Do it yourself Halloween videos via YouTube. We’re planning on using some of these for our own projects. Be sure to subscribe to our email list, we have a ton more we will be posting as soon as we find them. Our email list consists of RECIPES, AWESOME PRODUCTS, and D.I.Y stuff… So subscribe!

Here are 3 different but great video tutorials we found! ENJOY!

HOW TO LIVE YOUR STYLE – 5 Creepy But Classy Halloween Decorations On A Budget


Mylene Domenech – Halloween Decor On A Budget

Mylene Domenech,

Do you have a video or photographs of something creepy, cool, strange, or odd or somewhere in-between? Think they’re a good fit for our site and wan to get your stuff showcased? Email us at [email protected] and let us know what you have in mind!

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