Strange And Creepy Halloween,Movies This Halloween Horror Movie Will Make You Scream!

This Halloween Horror Movie Will Make You Scream!

This Halloween Horror Movie Will Make You Scream! post thumbnail image

The Halloween Horror Movie

If you’re the kind of person that loves a good Halloween horror movie, you’re in for a treat. Bad Candy came out in 2020 but it was officially released in September of 2021. The Halloween horror anthology follows local Halloween stories in the community of New Salem. The movie follows an FM Halloween show that goes through various creepy tales that have gone on in the small town. Some of the stories are myths and others are more than real. The movie follows various stories that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

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October Horror Movies

It’s always fun to have a movie tell various stories, especially about Halloween. One of the stories is about a girl who uses a magic paintbrush. From the trailer, you can tell that the brush caused some major problems during Halloween. The other one is about a man who hides razor blades in candy. He then gets an unexpected and horrifying visit from something creepy, karma. There are 5 stories total, and if you haven’t seen this movie as of yet, it will be coming to the big screen in September.

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What’s Your Favorite Halloween Movie?

This movie kind of reminds us of Trick R Treat the 2007 Halloween horror anthology. It followed a series of stories that all were connected in various ways. Each story comes around full swing and you see how it all plays a big part of the same story. Are you looking forward to watching this on the big screen?

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