Strange And Creepy Odd News Metal Fan Turns Uncles Skeleton Into Electric Guitar

Metal Fan Turns Uncles Skeleton Into Electric Guitar

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A Horror Metal Macabre Tribute

This sounds like something out of the Adams Family, The Munsters, or a horror movie. A Tampa Bay, Florida musician that goes by the name of “Prince Midnight”, turned his dead uncle’s skeleton into a functional electric guitar he dubbed “Skelecaster”. He used the bones of his deceased uncle who died in a motorcycle accident back in 1996.

He told the Huffington Post that he did this as a tribute to his uncle who introduced him to Heavy Metal. He couldn’t think of a better way to honor him than to use his bones for a guitar. Before you think that he dug them up and used them in his macabre tribute, he didn’t. The bones were donated to a university for studying after his death. He ended up retrieving them and fashioning them into the metal guitar.

Check out the video by Metalsucks and let us know your thoughts. Is this something cool or something out of a horror movie?

Here’s another video with an explanation of the situation and the commentator’s thoughts on it. I don’t think I would create something like this using anyone’s bones, let alone my uncle. This is a bit too horror movie based for me but to each their own.

Check out the video by Jared Dines and let us know your thoughts

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