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An Inside Look At Niagara Fall’s Haunted Screaming Tunnel

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The Most Haunted Tunnel In The World 

Niagara Falls has a pretty terrifying location known as the “Screaming Tunnel.” Legend has it, if you stand in the middle of the tunnel and light a wooden match, it will go out. Then you’ll hear the screams of a girl who died in the tunnel, talk about creepy! Many have said that it’s one of the top haunted roads in the world. The location is so haunted it was used in David Cronenberg’s 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone.” The tunnel was used as a spot where Christopher Walken’s character took temporary refuge. Check out the video post and let us know your thoughts.

The Screaming Tunnel – Niagara Falls 


Niagara Falls Haunted Road

There are many versions of the story, but all of them meet the same fate. A young girl who burned to death from a fire near the area. Some stories say she fled her farmhouse and ran into the tunnel where she fell and perished. Others say she was murdered by her raging father and used the fire as a cover up. Some claim this is the true story because of the ghostly things that happen in the tunnel. In some investigations people have heard disembodied voices coming from the tunnel area. Could this be the ghost of the young girl still looking for a way out?

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