Are Shadow People Real?

Are Shadow People Real?

Shadow people, the hat man, dark eyed children, slender man, the list goes on, but what do they all have in common? They’re all dark figures that people from all over the world are claiming to see, but are they really seeing these beings or is all in their minds?

The real question is if these beings are real or just a case of paranoid delusion, could it just be some form of psychosis or something that can be solved with a medical evaluation?

I don’t think so…. 

People claim to have caught these beings on camera and video, but none of the images are actually that great, so how do we know that they’re not creating these images with some clever Photoshop program or a video editing program?

Good question.

If they’re real how do we protect ourselves? Check out the video we found by Great Big Story and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Great Big Story

So do you believe that these entities are real or do you think they’re just some made up thing in our minds? What do you think about some of the witness testimonies that were on the video?

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