Strange And Creepy D.I.Y.,Halloween Decor Simple Ideas To Help You Create An Awesome Halloween Tree

Simple Ideas To Help You Create An Awesome Halloween Tree

Simple Ideas To Help You Create An Awesome Halloween Tree post thumbnail image

A Halloween Tree

If you haven’t heard yet, yup Halloween trees are a thing now. We don’t really know when people started doing this, but it’s an awesome idea for those who love Halloween as well as Christmas.

It’s really not as hard as you would think it is to create a pretty cool tree. You also don’t need a monster size tree in order to create a Halloween tree. If you want to save some money, you can always buy a smaller size tree or even a desktop one.

You can also get really creative and use old trees and dead ones if you can find them. Use your imagination to create decor for them. We’ve heard of people using spray paint on the trees and then putting cobwebs all over them. You can create a spooky entrance to your house.

There are tons of ideas that you can work with, but here are 3 videos we found by 334bamagirl , Christopher Hiedieman , and TheBestThings. Each one has ideas for ornaments, a large tree decoration, a small tree, and Dollar tree decor ideas for a small tree.

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Video Source 334bamagirl


Video Source – Christopher Hiedieman

Ornament Ideas

Video Source – Christopher Hiedieman

Decorating a Small Tree

Video Source – TheBestThings

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