The Brookfield Demon Murder Case

The Brookfield Demon Murder Case

 If someone were to tell you that a demon made them do something you would probably want them medically evaluated for some psychological testing, am I right? But what if during the investigation and interrogation you witnessed things that are supposed to be real, would you still put all of your faith into a medical evaluation or something else?

This is the case of the Brookfield murders, it's a rather odd case that takes a few sudden turns into areas most of us would rather stay away from. This case reminds me of the old movie "The Serpent And The Rainbow". It was a very creepy movie that took a lot of twists and turns, it dove into things most people brush of as "make believe". 

The man in this case is said to have been possessed by 40 demons, yes 40 demons. Now some argue that that it probably was a bad case of schizophrenia or something similar. But those who were around this man say something else, could he have been possessed?

Check out this video we found by Ed Mazuren

The Brookfield Demon Case

Source – Ed Mazuren  


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