Strange And Creepy The Paranormal This Beautiful San Diego Hotel Has A Creepy Haunted Past

This Beautiful San Diego Hotel Has A Creepy Haunted Past

This Beautiful San Diego Hotel Has A Creepy Haunted Past post thumbnail image

The Haunted Hotel Del Coronado

San Diego, California’s beautiful but haunted hotel Del Coronado is an amazing sight to see. It’s a monstrous yet lavish hotel that sits on Coronado Island San Diego, right off the mainland. It’s known for its amazing views and beautiful beaches. But the haunted hotel has a paranormally active side to it as well. Rooms 3502, and 3312 are said to be the most haunted rooms in the hotel.

Room 3312’s ghost is said to be that of a girl that committed suicide while staying in the hotel. Supposedly she waited for her lover who was out to see, but when she realized he wasn’t coming back, she took her own life. There are those that say they’ve seen her spirit walking around, still waiting in the afterlife.

Best Haunted Travel Location In San Diego

Guests have reported hearing people talking coming from empty rooms. Even parties going on only to never find the source of all the noise. On various occasions, guests say they smell perfume and sometimes feel cold drafts while alone in the halls.

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Video Source – The Allegories

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