Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The Scary True Story That Inspired The Hills Have Eyes And Wrong Turn

The Scary True Story That Inspired The Hills Have Eyes And Wrong Turn

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The Terrible Tale Of Sawney Bean

The Cannibalistic Tribe

If you’ve seen movies like The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn, then you know where this story is going. Those movies were inspired by the true story of Sawney Bean and his gruesome cannibalistic tribe, which is also known as Scotland’s most horrific family.

Sawney Bean and his family moved far into the woods and hunted and ate people who came within their area, just like in the movies Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes. If you’ve seen those movies you already know how gruesome and grotesque this family probably was. The thing about this story is that they did this over 25 years, some say that it could have been longer than that. 

It’s said that there were at least 40 people in this tribe/clan and that they were all horribly disfigured because of incest. Eventually they were all rounded up and killed in the cave, but what if some of them actually escaped? Could their kin be somewhere out there still hunting people and killing them?

You also have to imagine that back then they didn’t have phones, social media, or any real way to contact the outside world. So if you were being stalked and hunted by this sadistic family, it mean you either lived or died. Most who ventured near their place didn’t make it out alive.

The other thing the thought of the possibility that these people may still have some kind of kin that are still out there somewhere. Imagine how disfigured and gruesome they are if they’re still in the woods.

Yeah that’s a thought I wouldn’t want either….

Check out the story of Sawney Bean and his murderous family


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