Strange And Creepy Random There’s a 21+ Alice In Wonderland Pop Up Bar In Ohio And You’re Invited!

There’s a 21+ Alice In Wonderland Pop Up Bar In Ohio And You’re Invited!

There’s a 21+ Alice In Wonderland Pop Up Bar In Ohio And You’re Invited! post thumbnail image

Alice In Wonderland Pop-up Bar

The magical world of Alice In Wonderland has come to Ohio in the form of an immersive cocktail experience. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress like Alice or The Mad Hatter in order to be admitted into the event. The Alice In Wonderland-themed pop-up bar is located in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The location of the event is at 140 Marian Spencer way, Cincinnati, and is promising to be one of the coolest hangouts in the entire city.

Fans who are lucky enough to experience the event will be about to go through a 90-minute alternate reality experience. Fans will be able to make drinks while they are guided by the Mad Hatter on their journey. Guests will be able to try out 2 cocktails, paint rose petals, solve riddles, and have a lot of fun while inside of the experience. Ticket prices will be ranging from $30 to $47 dollars according to their website.

This is what they said according to their press release on Citybeat:

Create your own liquid concoctions under the watchful eye of The Mad Hatter and expect things to get curious and curiouser. Dive through the looking glass and into a fantasy world where you will play croquet with flamingos, paint the roses red and devour ‘Eat Me’ cake! Solve riddles and challenges just like Alice and unlock all the ingredients to create your own enchanted teapot cocktails.”

The event will follow pandemic protocols, and will only allow 25 people per session. You will have to wear masks to enter and be part of the experience. They will be sanitizing regularly and keep the entire location as clean and safe as possible. This is the kind of experience you don’t want to miss if you’re over 21.

Video Source – The Alice

Video Source – Aaron Levin

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