Strange And Creepy Odd News,Random,Strange and Unexplained A Human-Sized Spider Web Was Found In a Missouri Forest

A Human-Sized Spider Web Was Found In a Missouri Forest

A Human-Sized Spider Web Was Found In a Missouri Forest post thumbnail image

Human Sized Spider Web

It’s not the kind of place you would expect to find a Halloween decoration. Wait a minute, that’s not a Halloween decoration, that’s a real spider web! The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Francis Skalicky found the human-sized spider web on a trail near Springfield. Talk about terrifying, imagine the size of the spider that spun that web?

Imagine knowing there’s a spider in a forest near you that’s the size of your hand or even a little bigger. I don’t think I would sleep easy knowing there’s something in the forest that could trap me in its web and devour me. But don’t worry, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation the spider is harmless to humans. They are known as spotted orb weavers or barn spiders. They mostly eat insects like flies, moths, and other creepy creatures.

The web is between 2 trees so it looks big enough to catch a human. But if you were to get caught up in the web you would easily be able to get out of it. However, you would have one heck of a time getting the webs off of you. So before you think there are man eating spiders in Missouri, there aren’t. Now could there be man eating spiders somewhere out there in the world? Possibly, but the spider that spun this web would most likely run away from you.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts. Even though it couldn’t eat you, would the web still freak you out a bit?

Video source – Pier Front Studios

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