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You Can Spend Halloween Night Locked In a Haunted Jail Escape Room

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The Haunted Halloween Escape Room

If your idea of Halloween is spending the night in an escape room, this is right up your alley. Located about an hour from Toronto in Cobourg is the King George Inn. It’s the only escape room you can stay and explore in a real haunted jail. For a price of $150 per person, you get a 4-course meal, ghost hunt, accommodations in a jail cell, the escape room adventure, and a souvenir.

If you don’t want to stay the night or want to spend less, they do have other options. The lowest-priced option is $40 dollars, and you’re still going to get the scare of a lifetime. According to the inn’s website, Cobourg jail was one of the largest in its day, holding almost 100 prisoners. The location now operates as a hotel and is open to the public on any given day. However, during Halloween, they have a special event in the form of a haunted escape room.

The Haunted Jail

Who knows what you’ll see and hear while inside of the old jail. Could it be part of the show or could it be part of the permanent residents that haven’t left the building? One thing is for sure, the location is beyond haunted, and there are plenty of stories of spooky things going on.  Would you be brave enough to go and visit?

Interested in going? Check out their site for more information down below.

Click here > Halloween Lockdown @ King George Inn

Check out more info about the location in this video below by kool buildings

Video Source- Kool buildings

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