Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained This Painting Is Said To Be Responsible For Over 50 House Fires!

This Painting Is Said To Be Responsible For Over 50 House Fires!

This Painting Is Said To Be Responsible For Over 50 House Fires! post thumbnail image

The World’s Most Haunted Painting

The Crying Boy Painting Fire has been a mystery that has intrigued people for decades. The painting depicts a young boy with tears streaming down his face, and it gained notoriety after several reports claimed that the painting was cursed.

According to legend, homes that had the painting hanging on their walls would mysteriously catch fire, but the painting itself would remain unscathed. This led to widespread superstitions and fear surrounding the painting, with many people believing that it was cursed or possessed by evil spirits.

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The Haunted Painting

The Crying Boy Painting Fire has been a source of mystery and intrigue for many years. The painting depicts a young boy with tears streaming down his face, and it gained notoriety in the 1980s when several homes in England that had the painting displayed inside mysteriously caught fire.

The legend behind the painting suggests that the artist, Giovanni Bragolin, made a deal with the devil to create a series of paintings featuring crying children. It is said that each time one of these paintings is destroyed, the child depicted in the painting will cry real tears.

However, the true history of the painting is less sensational. Bragolin was a prolific artist who created many paintings of children, including the Crying Boy. The painting gained popularity in the 1950s and 60s and was mass-produced, leading to its widespread distribution.

Despite its popularity, the painting did not gain notoriety until the fires in the 1980s. Many people began to believe that the painting was cursed or haunted, leading to its removal from many homes and public spaces.

While the true origin of the legend surrounding the painting is unknown, it is clear that the painting itself has a rich history and cultural significance.

Stories of the cursed painting started circulating on September 4, 1985, in a the British paper The Sun. The story was about a cursed painting that even local fire fighters were talking about. They were all confused and also a bit scared of the painting. The fires weren’t in any specific location, they were happening all over the U.K..


The odd part of it all is that you could find the painting in stores during the 1950s-70s. For some reason people were buying them, especially young couples. Apparently the boys curse was supposedly real, but there isn’t any proof. The odd part is the fact that there were so many stories about the painting. Why would a mass produced piece of paper be the cause for so many paintings? Could there be more to the ones that were found in the homes than the others? Why would young couples buy the painting for their home? Most people would look at it and keep walking buy. Then again it was a different era and time.

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In the last video we found, you’ll get a different perspective on the painting how it could possibly be effecting people. Could even a reproduction of the painting cause so much chaos? Do you think the stories of the painting are partially the reason that people having fires? Maybe they think about it and somehow subconsciously cause the fires? I know it’s a a long stretch, but what do you all think?

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The Controversy and Superstitions Surrounding the Painting

Despite the scientific explanations for the Crying Boy Painting Fire, many people still believe in the superstitions surrounding it. Some claim that the painting is cursed and that owning it or even having a copy of it in your home can bring bad luck. Others believe that the boy in the painting was a real child who died in a fire, and that his spirit haunts the painting.

These beliefs have led to some extreme reactions. In the 1980s, a British tabloid newspaper ran a series of articles claiming that the painting had caused a string of house fires across the country. The paper urged readers to send in their copies of the painting to be burned in a mass bonfire. Many people complied, and the event attracted a large crowd.

However, there is no evidence to support the idea that the painting is cursed or that it has caused any fires. In fact, the original artist, Giovanni Bragolin, painted many similar works featuring crying children, and none of them have been associated with any supernatural phenomena.

Despite this, the superstitions surrounding the Crying Boy Painting Fire persist. Some people still refuse to have it in their homes, while others collect it as a curiosity or as a challenge to the supposed curse. Whatever your beliefs, the painting remains a fascinating and mysterious piece of art that continues to capture the public imagination.

Debunking the Myths: Scientific Explanations for the Crying Boy Painting Fire

Many people believe that the Crying Boy painting is cursed and that it has caused numerous house fires. However, there is no evidence to support these claims. In fact, scientific explanations have been put forward to debunk these myths.

One theory suggests that the painting’s varnish contains a fire-retardant substance that could prevent it from catching fire. Another explanation is that the painting was mass-produced using a flame-resistant paint. Additionally, some experts argue that the painting’s popularity may have contributed to the spread of these rumors.

Furthermore, investigations into the supposed “curse” of the Crying Boy painting have revealed that many of the homes that caught fire did not even have the painting in them. This suggests that the fires were likely caused by other factors, such as faulty wiring or human error.

In conclusion, while the Crying Boy painting may be unsettling to some, there is no evidence to support the idea that it is cursed or that it causes fires. Scientific explanations and investigations suggest that the supposed “curse” is nothing more than a myth.

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