The Gates Of Hell – Collinsville, Illinois

The Gates Of Hell – Collinsville, Illinois

There’s a creepy little location located near the small town of Collinsville, Illinois that locals known as “ The Gates Of Hell”. Supposedly there’s all kinds of stuff that has been going on there. Some say that there’s a strong energy center in that location and that’s the reason why there’s so much paranormal activity.

Others say that the activity started because of bad things that happened in that location decades ago. Some say that people were actually hung from the bridge back in the 50’s but there isn’t any solid proof of that actually taking place. All the stories that stem out of this place are just that, stories.  

Some stories are said to have some type of proof in the form of residual haunting. So in a sense something dramatic that happened a long time ago keeps playing over and over like an old movie. Many have said to have seen a phantom car that supposedly slams into the bridge around midnight. Supposedly these kids died after taking acid and having an accident on the bridge, since then there have been numerous reports of people seeing these kids run into the bridge but then vanishing into thin air.

Would you go here at night?

Check out the video!

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  • Lisa "Storm" Herman

    I knew about it in highschool (Belleville West) so yes it goes way back.  That was 1981 and everybody went there.  It was the cool thing to do.  🙂  Me and my friend Terri went there in 89' at night and even the trees looked evil.   It was indeed creepy to say the least.  But I love the paranormal and have had experiences since I was a child so I have to check things out.  🙂  Thanks for posting the video!!

    • pat siddens

      You see what you want to when you are scared and told what is there to begin with. if you go there without any indication as to what the urban legend is you would never know what or if anything happened there. People are protective of the site because of the visitors and the vandelism that happens there. just look at the spray paint on the bridges!!!


  • I Know

    Gates 3 and 4 are closed off because the ground beneath one of them collapsed. The city of Collinsville and the railroad are currently fighting to figure out who has to pay to fix these damages. It's hindering people from getting to their driveways, causing them to have to drive out of their way to get home. It will have to be fixed eventually but not until they decide to has to pay for it so it could take a long time to settle it.

  • Katie Cary

    The gates of hell is a legend in Collinsville but the one I've heard the most is that if you go through them in a certain order and then go to acid bridge you open the gate to hell. My father used to go out there when he was a teenager and I've had quite a few fun times but it's  just a legend. A rad one at that. 

  • Les

    My very close friend was shot and killed by a local after he tried to run them off from partying on the side of the road near one of these hates of hell in 1986 I believe. One shotgun pellet entered his eye and into his brain. All the times cruising out there would we never expected this. I may had been with them had I not had to work later. Test in peace Rodney. 

  • Timothy stringer

    In high school me n my friends used to go out there partying on the weekends. We herd all the stories about the gates and would go out there looking for the paranormal. From 1985-1990 . We never seen anything , but did witness couple of really bad car wrecks there. It is a creepy place for sure, but don't think it's haunted . I'm huge skeptic, I don't believe in ghost at all. I do believe in Angels and demons.  One of the big stories that was told was that the gates were used by satanic cults for worship. We did find pentagrams make out of rocks , but  I don't believe there was any worship going on. The cops were present a lot there n would run you off. But I have witnessed bad car wrecks there from drunk under age kids like us out there partying. 

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